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SWIFT MT1xx and MT2xx : Payments

SWIFT Message Type (MT) 1xx and Message Type (MT) 2xx are used for payment related messages.


MT1xx: Customer Payments & Cheques

MT2xx: Financial Institution Transfers

MT1xx & MT2xx

MT103 and MT 202 are commonly used for Trade Import payments.

For further reading on SWIFT and MT please visit International Trade Payments (SWIFT) & MT7xx.




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  • Mr Moses

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    • Takashi Oikawa


      My name is ogiwara
      I am sorry for sending e-mail.

      I’m looking for a receiver of mt103/202 CASH urgently.
      I’m looking for a receiver of 1-5.

      1) Deutsche bank, Swiss
      2) Credit Swiss Switzerland or Germany
      3) HSBC Switzerland or Germany
      4) Barclays Switzerland or Germany
      5) Citi bank Switzerland

      Thank you for your reply.