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SWIFT MT1xx and MT2xx : Payments

SWIFT Message Type (MT) 1xx and Message Type (MT) 2xx are used for payment related messages.


MT1xx: Customer Payments & Cheques

MT2xx: Financial Institution Transfers

MT1xx & MT2xx

MT103 and MT 202 are commonly used for Trade Import payments.

For further reading on SWIFT and MT please visit International Trade Payments (SWIFT) & MT7xx.




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  • Mr Moses

    Hello Guys, any loader for visanet business card? please contact me via whatsapp +971525380682

    • Takashi Oikawa


      My name is ogiwara
      I am sorry for sending e-mail.

      I’m looking for a receiver of mt103/202 CASH urgently.
      I’m looking for a receiver of 1-5.

      1) Deutsche bank, Swiss
      2) Credit Swiss Switzerland or Germany
      3) HSBC Switzerland or Germany
      4) Barclays Switzerland or Germany
      5) Citi bank Switzerland

      Thank you for your reply.



      • Casual Reader

        I need a KTT Receiving bank. Did you locate one?

  • wan wei

    We need receivers.
    For ip-ip there are three senders and three contracts – Europe, Dubai, Asia.Therefore – came the name of the receiver and his bank and his country – in return, I will send a contract. Without Hong Kong and China.For ip-ip – the return for Europe is 32.5%, and the return for Dubai and Asia is 42.5%.

    For DTC – for the sender 35% and for the receiver 65%, you are on the receiver side.Attached file for DTC – let the receiver read and agree.The receiver gives consent to the letter – I send the contract.In either case, the receiver must approve the conditions in the letter.
    Without DB Germany.

    There are funds for – only – spp-protocol 103/202(after downloading 202 comes automatically).There are two transactions from different senders, one transaction of 47.5% for a refund and another transaction – 30% for a refund.
    47.5% for return – the receiver receives codes for checking money and gives a letter from his bank and receives a contract, a start.30% for return – the receiver receives codes for checking money and gives a contract, start. Without Hong Kong and China.I have only the SPP protocol 103/0202, I hope you know what it is.The SPP protocol is 103/0202, this is not swift.com – it is swift.net – I hope you know what it is.
    What kind of deal do you choose?

    The receiver must register the contract in his bank and assign the contract number and transaction code.Another obligatory condition is that the receiver must register investment and commodity contracts of all participants in the transaction in his bank, this means – assign to these contracts – contract number and transaction code.Before funds transfer – registration of the main contract, after the transfer of funds – registration of investment and commodity contracts of all parties to the transaction.

    KYC, Pof, bank to bank confirmation,RWA, DD,LOI,Fresh Bank Statment,Tear Sheet,CIS,NCNDA,ТТМ,199,F2F,AUTHORITY LETTER – forget it, work only under contract and terms – stated in the letter.

  • Xing Zai

    Now my receiver open for last DTC deal by 6 Oct 2018.

    Sender 30%, receiver 70%.

    Anyone interested pls contact me via +60173700389 or xingzai2023@gmail.com

    Additional service:
    1)MT103/202, Auto/Manual
    3)DTC (Stop accept deal by 7th Oct 2018)
    5)Online 2D web
    6)BG/BD/SBLC Monetization (with/without source)