The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.
-Adam Smith

Trade exists since prehistoric times and has evolved in leaps and bounds since then. Cross border trade, Commodities, Commerce and Financial markets are inter-connected. It is not only important to stay on top of key developments in Trade and Finance but it is equally important to dig into the fundamentals, regulations and economics on which the entire trade and finance industry is based.

Trade Samaritan was founded by Pallavi Deshpande, a former banker with a professional experience of over 14 years in Trade, Commodities and Financial Services. Before quitting her job as an Associate Vice President of a Multi-National Bank to move to United States and run TradeSamaritan.com full time, Pallavi also found time to get two Master’s degrees in Finance and Commerce. Pallavi is a Certified Documentary Credit Specialist as well.

Pallavi founded TradeSamaritan.com as a not-for-profit online trade magazine based upon the idea of presenting to its readers an authoritative round up of descriptive articles, tutorials and statistics from the Trade and Finance industry. Our informative articles and narration are intended to strengthen your know-how, fundamentals and regulations to better equip you to handle your

  • Employer
  • Customers
  • Business
  • Presentation
  • Job interview
  • Trade deal
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  • Meeting

This platform is based on the pillar of knowledge sharing and hence it also encourages and invites participation and original articles from its readers i.e. Samaritans. Our success is based upon on our commitment to bring to the community a multimedia resource of intelligence to the areas of Trade and Finance.